Over 1 Lakh school in India operates with just one teacher.

Around 8 percent of schools in India are functioning with just one teacher. Most populous states of India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar perform poorly in this regard.

Over 1 Lakh school in India operates with just one teacher
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In the 2023-24 budget, the Centre allocated Rs 1. 13 lakh crores for the education sector rising it by 8.3 percent compared to last year. Also, the New education policy (NEP) of India focused on the teacher-student ratio gap but despite all that around 8 percent of the school is suffering from a shortage of teachers. Right to education act (RTE) 2009 States that the ideal teacher-student ratio should be 30:1. Uneven teacher-student ratio leads to less efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom. Indicators like student-teacher ratios and the number of one-teacher schools point to a serious shortage of trained personnel.

Worst student ratio in most Populous states.

Teacher-Student Ratio
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The worst Teacher-student ratio is in most populous states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh which have high population density and are poor and all these factors contributed to the poor literacy rate of both states. on the contrary states like Haryana and west Bengal have high literacy rates even after having poor student-teacher ratios. states like Madhya Pradesh have more than 16000 one -teachers schools. Among the large states, Kerela has the fewest one-teacher schools at 310.

1/4 schools in India don’t have internet.

School not having Internet access
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Even after the pandemic and the world moving towards digital education around 25 percent of schools in India don’t have internet access. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced previously About the National Digital University program for making up for the losses of the pandemic. But still, half of the schools all over the country have internet access.  

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