St Stephens will accept applications through CUET : DU V.C.

CUET UG 2023: Singh said that all DU institutions will solely accept applications via the CUET, with no in-person interviews.

St Stephene willl accept CUET
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Delhi University and St. Stephen’s College were at odds over the university’s new admissions policy that was based on CUET score last year.

Yogesh Singh, vice chancellor of Delhi University, stated that the issue has been settled and that the college would only hold admissions through the Common University Admission Exam going forward. Singh said that there would be no interviews and that all admissions to DU colleges would be handled only through the CUET.

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Last year, the university had given the esteemed college permission to interview prospective undergraduate students from the minority group. The admissions procedure at St. Stephen’s College, which uses interviews to determine admittance for places designated for Christian candidates, didn’t start until after the Supreme Court’s decision.

According to Singh, who was speaking about the coming session, the university will again administer the Common University Entrance Exam (CUET) for admissions this year, just like it did last year, but the procedure will go much more smoothly because the university is well-prepared.

“We ran into some problems last year because it was the first time. CUET should be conducted twice a year, if possible. Consideration should be given to the finest performance, and I am hopeful that UGC will consider this says Singh.

The vice-chancellor claims that despite several efforts to fill all 70,000 seats at the institution, about 5,000 seats remained unfilled in 2017.

“Earlier as well, several seats were empty. In several colleges, there were unfilled seats in particular categories. Seats are unfilled at minority colleges as well, he noted.

When asked about partnerships with foreign institutions, Delhi University said that it is “open to cooperate” with foreign universities and institutions, adding that the development of new courses is a high priority.

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