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Do's and Dont's for Parents to Reduce Exam Stress


The exam period is a time when stress levels are higher than usual. It becomes a tough period for most of the households and the parents and the students all get into a typical stress. Stress can also be positive, helping you to stay motivated and focused. However, too much stress can be injurious to health. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, exhausted and edgy. Sometimes even parental pressure and lot of expectations from the child, lead to stress and tension. It is also important for the parents to try and keep things in perspective and find ways of reduce stress if things seem to be getting on top.

We suggest you some simple parenting Do’s and Don’ts that will help you in getting out of this damaging situation.

Parenting Tips During Exams

The following tips suggest some important tips that you should follow during exams of your children to lower their stress levels.

  • Parents should always try to maintain a very cheerful and loving atmosphere in your house.
  • A child should always be helped and encouraged to plan a proper study time, breaks and sleep time.
  • Always be helpful, concerned, calm and available to your child.
  • A nutritious and light meal habits are always to be followed during exams so as to avoid any unwanted ailments.
  • Child’s inactions and/or irresponsible behaviors should always be handled in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Enquire regarding any support needed and offer your time and expertise for the child to choose.
  • Parents should enquire consistently whether the child is alright, in control or feels stressed or bored.
  • A child should be relieved of chores in the household or taking up other work. Their focus has to be on studies.
  • If the child admits to being stressed; you should remain calm, sympathize and encourage the child to decide on suitable plan of action to distress.
  • Enquire about his/her friends in a non-interrogative friendly way during study breaks. Talk and share about other happenings in the news or in the family.
  • Encourage and help the child to think about goals after the board exam; plan alternatives of colleges and courses he can study depending on his results such as Plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc. Make all of them sound equally acceptable to you in terms of the choice leading to a happy and successful life.
  • Events and activities such as entertaining guests, having house guests, repairs and re-furnishing should always be postpone or manage carefully so that child’s living and study arrangements are least disrupted. Also postpone difficult conflicts for later if possible.

The following is the list of things that as a parent you should not do during Exams

  • Constantly ask the child if they are studying enough should always be avoided.

  • Being anxious and hovering around the child with insistent advice.

  • Never shame and ridicule the child for not following their own plan.

  • Never keep things in disarray and have fluctuating routines and unplanned meals.

  • Child’s negative behaviours should never be point out in an aggressive manner; shouting and threatening dire consequences.

  • Labeling your child as ‘irresponsible or careless or lazy’ on the basis of the behaviour that you see is a serious no no.

  • Never insist the child using your expertise and studying at your time.

  • Always avoid either swinging to extremes and dismissing feelings as ‘spoilt’ behaviour or a ‘weak’ will or indulging the feelings and feeling very sorry for the child.

  • Never insist the child to help around the house during exams.

  • If your child admits he is stressed, you get more anxious, take control and make the decision on what is to be done.

  • Talking only about studies, marks needed and future success required will pressurize the child even more.

  • Never keep calling this a ‘make or break’ time, overly stressing the importance of getting a good result and the blame and misfortune your child will face if he gets poor results.

  • Having people over frequently, be traveling and overly busy and trying to get work done in the home or let differences escalate into big fights will definitely hamper a student’s study.

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