Sitaram Jindal Research Fellowship Scheme

The Sitaram Jindal Research Fellowship Scheme is issued by Jindal Aluminum Ltd. and Sitaram Jindal Foundation that has been consistently engaged in charitable and philanthropic activities in India.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation Research Fellowship

  1. The fellowship program is valued up to Rs.1 lakh per month. The fellowship amount depends on many factors such as whether the candidate is already employed and getting a salary amount from the organisation, or they only have the fellowship amount to depend on.
  2. In addition to this the research, Fellow will also get a contingency grant of a maximum of Rs.10 lakh per year, the amount of which will also depend on its need. This grant will take care of all the necessities of completing the research work. The amount can be used for the following-
    1. For books, documents of relevance to the project as approved by the head of department/ host institution.
    2. For publication of articles/papers in reputed journals and filing for patents
    3. To meet petty expenses for buying chemicals, reagents, stationary, postage registration for attending workshops/conferences.
    4. For travel expenses including foreign travel/foreign attachment during the entire project period given by SJ Foundation.

The grant cannot be used for furniture, office equipment’s including computers, laptops etc. The use of contingency grant will be governed by guidelines issued from time to time by SJ Foundations.

The fellowship will be granted to people who are going to be attached or are already attached to the institution that is taking the research Fellow.

  1. The host institution will get Rs.4 lakh per year per research fellow as overhead expenditure and for monitoring, supervising and controlling the fellow and expenditure of funds to ensure that the funds are properly utilized.
  2. Duration of the Fellowship is minimum three years and maximum six years. The extension of time will be determined by SJ foundation.
  3. The research area must be in the following fields:
    • Any field of Science including Engineering and TechnologyMedicine including Indian Systems of Medicine with special emphasis on Naturopathyagriculture, veterinary and environmental science.
    • Innovations solutions to the problems faced by the people of the country
    • Towards poverty alleviation

    The selection will be done by a three tier system controlled by JAL/SJ Foundation.

Important dates

Applications for fellowship can be made throughout the year. There is no last date.


  1. The fellowship scheme is open to Indian Citizens only and the research work must be carried on in India.
  2. The applicants must have PhD or MD/MS in medicine or M.Tech or equivalent, in the relevant field.\the subject of the research must not be controversial
  3. The research work must be beneficial to the people of India.
  4. The qualifications of the candidate must be excellent and with good academic track record.
  5. Applicants who are engaged with a job with the host institution must devote half of the time to the research and get a no objection certificate. The rest must devote all of the
  6. Candidates must not be recipient of any other award from SJ foundation
  7. The proposed work must be original and added preference will be given to innovative research fields.

Application procedure

  • Applications have to be downloaded from the official website-
  • The applicant must first register at the website after getting consent from host institution and then submit hard copies of required documents to the host institution. The sighed hard copies are to be send to the Secretary General, Sitaram Jindal Foundation by post.
  • The Host institution must also register itself with the website.
  • The hard copies are for record only. The processing of the applications will be done via website only.

Contact details

  • Address: Sitaram Jindal Foundation, Naturelle, No: 11, Green Avenue, behind Sector D-3, Bhatta Road, Vasant kunj, New Delhi-110070
  • Phone: 011-26890962/63
  • Email: [email protected]


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