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Learning Chinese Language

The Chinese language is the major teaching language for International students in Chinese universities. Books periodicals and reference materials in university libraries and archives are mostly in Chinese language. International students, enrolled in a university or institute with Chinese as the medium of instruction should have a reasonable command over the language in order to complete their studies smoothly.

Undergraduate, Master Degree or PhD students and Visiting Students who don’t learn Chinese or whose Chinese proficiency doesn’t meet the needs of subjects studied before coming to China, have to learn basic Chinese for one or two school years upon arrival. Visiting Students and graduate students who are taught directly in foreign languages, need to pick up some Chinese for the convenience of daily life and study.

Learn Chinese online

One can Learn Chinese online.  There are various websites that offer free comprehensive instructions to enable people to learn the language efficiently.

Learn Chinese in China

Students can learn Mandarin Chinese at Beijing’s Leading Mandarin Chinese School.  Chinese Language Education (CLE) Mandarin Chinese immersion programs are open to all people that wish to study Chinese in China, and provide a practical, real-life approach to learning the Chinese language. With multiple programs available, CLE offers the flexibility to choose the right program to reach your Chinese language goals.

Chinese language institutes in Delhi

The Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University conducts two types of Foreign Language Training Programs: Part – time and Intensive classes. Admission to all these courses is based on certain minimum qualifications and an aptitude test and / or interview. For further details refer to the prospectus of Department of East Asian Studies.
Delhi University also offers one-year, Full – Time, Advanced Diploma Course in Chinese language. This is the second year of intensive training course designed by Delhi University for those who already have completed three years of part time or one year of intensive course in Chinese. The course begins in August and concludes after the completion of 300 teaching hours. Classes of three hours duration are held five days a week.

Chinese language courses have been imparted at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) for a very long time.  The school offers under graduate, post-graduate and research programmes, focusing on languages, Literature, translation, interpretation and culture studies.

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