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Interesting Facts about China

Education has always been the priority among the Chinese and it is seen as a human right. China has done a lot of work to promote education at all levels to eradicate illiteracy.

Some interesting facts about china are as follows

  • 94 percent of China’s counties had implemented nine years of compulsory education in areas inhabited by 91% of the national population.
  • The employment outlook for those with a vocational education is so positive in China that this in itself is the main selling point for a vocational education.

  • The Chinese invented paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing.

  • The number one hobby in China is stamp collecting.

  • On September 27, 2008, Zhai Zhigang made the first spacewalk by a Chinese astronaut.

  • By the fourth century B.C., the Chinese were drilling for natural gas and using it as a heat source, preceding Western natural gas drilling by about 2,300 years.

  • The Chinese were using the decimal system as early as the fourteenth century B.C., nearly 2,300 years before the first known use of the system in European mathematics. The Chinese were also the first to use a place for zero.

  • The most important holiday in China is the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. Chinese traditionally believe that every person turns one year older on the New Year and, thus, that day is considered to be everyone’s birthday.

  • Chinese mathematics evolved independently of Greek mathematics and is consequently of great interest to historians of mathematics.

  • In the Tang dynasty, anyone with an education was expected to greet as well as say goodbye to another person in poetic verse composed on the spot.

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