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Engineering Career Options


Engineering as a career has attracted students in India in a big way and a large number of aspirants taking the engineering exams are testimony to this fact. Engineering is a multi-disciplined field with new disciplines and branches being added with the advancement of science and technology. 

Though a large number of students appear for different engineering exams like JEE Main (previously AIEEE)JEE Advanced (previously IIT-JEE)BITSAT, SRMJEE, VITEEE, but not many are aware about the various career options that engineering as a profession offers. The basic engineering disciplines include Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Aerospace engineering.

With the development of technology new engineering disciplines like biotechnology, computer, automobile engineering and genetic engineering have gained immense popularity among students. Here is a compilation of the wide array of career options that the field of engineering has to offer:

Pros and Cons of being an Engineer


  • Irrespective of trends in the markets, engineers are always in demand especially those in electrical, civil, mechanical and computer
  • Growth opportunities as India is an open economy with multinationals opening their offices in India
  • Indian engineers are good in their logical and mathematical skills. Their demand is always high in the US and other foreign countries


  • Demanding career as one might have to stay for long hours in the office till they fix the problem.
  • One might have to stay away from home for projects that require onsite engineer
  • Though all good institutes have campus placements, yet not all engineers are well placed
  • Today, MBA has almost become synonymous with engineering. Most engineers opt for MBA after engineering and therefore demand for engineers without an MBA has dropped sharply


Entry level engineers from reputed institutes can expect a good pay package starting at Rs 30, 000.  However, salaries vary form industry to industry. A mid-level engineer can earn anything between Rs 50, 000 to Rs 60, 000. If you are armed with an MBA from a reputed institutes, your perks can reach any limit. It can even reach Rs1.5 lakh per month for an MBA from a reputed institute.


Is B.Tech different from BE?

There is no difference between B.Tech and BE. Universities offering other degrees along with engineering awarded students with a BE (Bachelor of Engineering) degree and institutes constituted for only Engineering studies named their degree as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology).

Engineering Career Options in India

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