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With a rise in the number of channels across India, Broadcast Engineering is a sought after career now; Image Courtesy:

Broadcast Engineering is a hot career options for budding engineers. Nowadays, we get instantaneous news updates from across the globe right in our living room, our space scientists can communicate with each other from space to earth and all this is possible because of the intelligence and help of broadcast engineering.
Broadcast Engineering, to a certain extent, relates to other branches of engineering like electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, radio physics and also computers and the internet. It also deals with radio broadcasting and television telecasting on a broader spectrum.

Radio Frequency Engineering and Audio Engineering are the two prime areas of electrical engineering that are also related with broadcast engineering. Maintenance of broadcast automation systems for the studio and automatic transmission systems, maintenance of radio towers are some of the responsibilities of Broadcast Engineers.

Broadcast Engineering Society (BES) India is the apex body of the government for maintaining exclusive affairs of broadcast engineering as a profession in the country (

Eligibility Criteria

To become broadcast engineer one needs to posses one or more of the following qualifications depending upon the technical environment and work responsibilities.

    • Degree in Electronic Engineering
    • Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
    • Degree in Computer Engineering
    • Degree in Information Technology
    • Degree in Broadcast Technology

Career and Job Prospects

Broadcast Engineers work with government and private broadcasting organizations. Both radio stations and television houses needs services of broadcast engineers. Besides broadcast engineers also work with space and marine agencies. To some up one can say, services of broadcast engineers are required in every distant communication needs.

Depending on the level of expertise and specialization broadcast engineers provided one of the following titles

    • Broadcast Design Engineer
    • Broadcast Systems Engineer
    • Broadcast IT Engineer
    • Broadcast Network Engineer
    • Broadcast Maintenance Engineer
    • Video Broadcast Engineer
    • TV Studio Broadcast Engineer
    • Outside Broadcast Engineer
    • Remote Broadcast Engineer

Salary Packages

Broadcast Engineers enjoys lucrative pay packages in the industry. Salary averages approximately Rs. 25000/- per month for the fresh broadcast engineers. However, this is not the limit and earnings raises significantly depending on higher qualification, promotions earned, performances, and higher degrees. Broadcast Engineers provided with living facilities, medical facilities, and other benefits and perks. They enjoy high social reputations.

Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune, is one of the top colleges for Broadcast Engineering in India; Image Courtesy:

Top Colleges/Institutes in Broadcast Engineering 2017

Broadcasting Engineering is not offered as a direct study discipline for undergraduate students. However, one can learn related engineering sciences like electrical, electronics & communications, IT, and computers etc at college and then get specialization at post graduate level in broadcast engineering or may start working right after graduation with broadcasting firms.

However, there are a few colleges that offer Broadcast Engineering as a course and they are as listed below.

1Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication PuneMaharashtra
2Zee Institute of Media Arts MumbaiMaharashtra
3Indian Film and Television Institute MeerutUttar Pradesh
4Broadcast Engineering Society DelhiDelhi



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