JEE Main 2022: Question Paper Analysis

The all India level engineering entrance exam, JEE Main 2022 was held twice this year instead of four times for admission into Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other engineering colleges across the country. Around 10.2 lakh students appeared for JEE Main this year.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the exam. As compared to the previous year, the exam was moderately easy but lengthy. However, if the papers are measured on a scale of difficulty, there were mixed reviews regarding the toughest paper among Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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JEE Main 2022: Question Paper Analysis

The conclusion for the JEE Main 2022 question paper was, in terms of level of difficulty, moderately difficult.

In an overall scenario, the questions were comparatively easier than last year however there were a few trick questions that will determine the top scorers of JEE Main this year. The question paper being lengthy was maintained by majority of students that appeared for the exam.

Beginning with the Physics paper, the questions were not out of the box or ambiguous. They were quite straight forward compared to the questions set last year.

The Mathematics paper was considered lengthy by the students however on the difficulty level it was not all that difficult. There were a few trick questions that were on par with the JEE Advanced questions which made the Mathematics question paper the most difficult of them all.

In the 30 questions that were asked in the Chemistry paper, there was equal distribution of questions for Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. There were no questions asked on States of Matter and Chemistry in Everyday Life. Most questions asked were conceptually inclined unlike last year.

In Vashi, Mumbai, Vinay Kale, an engineering aspirant, said, “The exam went well, I solved 33 out of 90 questions. Mathematics was easy, and I found Physics to be tricky.”

Vedangini’s view was quite opposite to Vinay. She said, “For me Physics was alright, but Mathematics was little difficult. To avoid negative marking, I attempted selective questions.”

In brief, the JEE Main 2022 question paper was moderately difficult however it was much lengthier than last year’s question paper. Another noteworthy thing was most of the questions were asked from the 12th standard syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The sections from which the questions were asked are listed below for all the 3 subjects.

Mechanics11 questions
Electrodynamics8 questions
Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory3 questions
Optics & Wave Optics2 questions
Modern Physics & Nuclear Physics6 questions


Organic Chemistry8 questions
Inorganic Chemistry11 questions
Physical Chemistry11 questions


Algebra15 questions
Calculus6 questions
Trigonometry3 questions
Conics3 questions
Vector Algebra 3 questions

Mathematics was considered the most difficult paper this year followed by Physics and Chemistry.

The cut off is expected to be somewhere between 97 and 102 this year.

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