JEE Toppers' Advice: According to Sneha Pareek, AIR 2 regular study is the key to success.

JEE Main 2023:   In an interview with Sneha Pareek , AIR 2 in JEE Main 2023  provided preparation advice and strategies for passing one of the toughest tests in the world.

Jee topper's advice
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Sneha Pareek, who secured All India Rank 2 in Joint Entrance Exam 2022 Main, shared her preparation tips and tricks for cracking one of the toughest exams in the world. She is currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Sneha always had an interest in the science and technology field, which led her to choose Computer Science as her major. During her final years of school, she studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Physical Education. She knew that the college would be teaching everything from scratch, so for the last two years of school, she focused mainly on JEE preparation. After she joined IIT Delhi, she learned programming languages such as Python, C++, and more.

According to Sneha, consistency is the key to success. She would study every day and maintain a proper sleep cycle instead of burning the midnight oil. She started studying from the beginning and didn’t keep anything for the last moment. She used to practice the coaching material thoroughly.

Sneha and her classmates at IIT Delhi prepared for JEE Main and Advanced simultaneously. Once all chapters were covered, their coaching mentors prepared a weekly schedule of what chapters were to be revised through tests. For one week, the coaching would give them papers for JEE Main, and for the next, they would give them a test for JEE Advanced.

Sneha did not find any subject particularly difficult since she began preparing early on. While her favorites were Maths and Chemistry, Physics seemed a little difficult but not impossible. Whenever she felt overwhelmed or tired of studying, she would spend time with her family, especially her parents. She would also watch stand-up comedy videos.

Sneha mainly stuck to her coaching materials and NCERT books but referred to HC Verma for the theory part of Physics. She recommends that JEE Main 2023 aspirants start their preparation early, maintain consistency, and focus on revising simultaneously for both JEE Main and Advanced.

In conclusion, Sneha Pareek’s tips and tricks for cracking JEE Main 2023 include starting early, maintaining consistency, practicing thoroughly, revising simultaneously for both JEE Main and Advanced, and taking breaks to recharge. Aspirants can refer to coaching materials, NCERT books, and other helpful resources such as HC Verma’s book for the theory part of Physics.

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