Melbourne - India Postgraduate Scholarship Program 2013

The Melbourne – India Postgraduate Program (MIPP) is a Ph.D scholarship program presented by the University of Melbourne (UoM) with leading research institutes in India like the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore (IISc)Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) and Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) for highly performing Ph.D students.

About the Scholarship

  • MIPP is a joint initiative of the four institutions – University of Melbourne, IIT-K, IISc and IIT-M that has launched in November, 2013.
  • The three million Australian dollar program will provide 16 Ph.D. Scholarships and associated support for research exchanges over the next three years. It will officially commence in 2014 and will be open to Ph.D. students at the University of Melbourne under the supervision of the staff of IIT-K, IIT-M, or IISc.
  • The Ph.D. scholarship covers living expense and tuition. There will be no need for the student to teach or work outside his research topic.
  • The Ph.D. scholarship will be completed in three to four years
  • There is the possibility of working as paid tutors (approximately AUS $100 per hour) and training is provided to tutors to prepare them from class.
  • You can apply in the final year of your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. There is no need for GRE/ GMAT score
  • The program commences any time after the scholarship is awarded and Australian Visa is obtained.

Important dates

Last date for submission of applications

5 December, 2013

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Mode I – Students who have graduated or graduating from IIT K, IIT M and IISc can apply for the Ph.D. position at the University of Melbourne. The students will be registered there and on completion of the course they will be the recipient of a degree from the University of Melbourne. The funding will be done by the University of Melbourne.
  2. Mode II – Students who are doing Ph.D. at IIT K, IIT M and IISc may also apply as soon as they enroll with IIT K. The funding will be done by research institutes.
  3. In both the modes academics on both research institutes and UoM will collaborate, visit each other, write research papers and apply for research grants to their PH.D. students either enrolled in and funded by UoM or enrolled at funded by research institutes.

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted online as well as in hard copy to the three Indian Institutes. For further details contact official website.

Contact Details

Contact official website of the collaborating Indian institutes.


MIPP, University of Melbourne,



MIPP, University of Melbourne,

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