How to book appointment for US student visa? Read here the visa slot booking for US

While applying for your student visa to the US, after filling in the DS-160 form & paying the visa processing fee, you must book an appointment at the US embassy or US Consulate (whichever is present in or around your city.)

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As an Indian student applying for a student visa to the US, you have the option of booking the appointment in either the US embassy in New Delhi or 4 other consulates in various Indian cities.

  1. When you schedule an appointment for your visa interview, your waiting time will vary according to the location of the US embassy/consulate.
Indian embassy/ consulateWait time for interview appointmentVisa processing time
New Delhi embassy6 calendar days2 working days
Hyderabad consulate5 calendar days2 working days
Chennai consulate2 calendar days2 working days
Mumbai consulate2 calendar days1 working day
Kolkata consulate1 calendar day2 working days
  1. Get all the required documents in order. Also read: List of documents need for US student visa interview
  2. Show up for your visa interview on time. An officer who meets you will determine whether you are eligible to receive the visa

Here are a few things you must keep in mind For VISA Slot booking For the US

1. Check all the details mentioned on your passport including your name, birth date, expiration date etc. Check for any kind of damage, as the passport should be in good condition. 


2. After getting the I-20 (admission document), verify all the details mentioned on it. Check your name especially the spelling, birth date, name of the course, date of commencement, total amount mentioned as well as scholarship details.

3Student, Visa can be applied only 120 days prior to the start of the term. (The date is mentioned on your I-20). 

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