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Flying Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio Controlled (RC) Helicopters is not a hobby to go into quickly. 
It’s costly, time-consuming, and involves an understanding of aerodynamics that extends beyond a typical high school physics class. However, for anyone who has an understanding of aerodynamics and has watched RC Helicopters in flight, it is easy to see why so many people get caught up in this elitist hobby.
Building an RC helicopter from a kit is MUCH EASIER than building an RC airplane from a kit. This is because with RC airplanes, you need to take into consideration critical alignments of aerodynamic surfaces, shapes, balances and weights. But with an RC helicopter, you simply build it according to the kit, and all you need to adjust is the center of gravity and the rotor blades (which the kits are excellent at explaining). Unfortunately, RC Helicopters are MUCH HARDER to fly than RC airplanes or sailplanes.
The initial materials you need to get into this hobby are a RC Helicopter kit, an engine, and a Radio Transmitter/Receiver. If you want to get into this, and build your own… BUY THE KIT!

(NOTE: Hobby shops do sell pre-assembled RC helicopters ).

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