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Reading is one of most absorbing hobbies. It
  • Sharpens one’s comprehension.
  • Build one’s self-assurance and skill in dominating a page of print.
  • Also helps in developing good vocabulary.

Reading Techniques

Five  techniques which you must master to be a better reader are

  • Reading more, and for longer period of time, (read an entire novel or a complete magazine in single evening).

  • Reading always, and everything, with a calm, sure, confident sense of urgency.

  • Reading with keen awareness of the structure of a piece of writing.

  • Reading flexibly, (adjusting your rate and style of reading to what you read and your purpose in reading it).

  • Reading so that you interpret more of what you see in less time.
We should cultivate the quality of learning, how beautiful a book is, the feeling that this is treasure to hold in hands, to look guard and preserve

What to Read?

Learning to read, as you know is a continuous, never ending process. If you do very little additional reading, or if you read only material that offers no challenge to your comprehension, your reading will be of very little use.
You should neither read only for entertainment, nor only for information, but you should also read for intellectual growth, mental stimulation, enriching your background of knowledge,. increased wisdom and for broader outlook and a mature understanding.
Read books in fields you have little or no acquaintance with, books that will open for you new horizons of learning, books that will help you explore new areas of knowledge and experience, books that will make the world and people more understandable to you, books you can really sink your teeth into.

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