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“Knowledge is Power”, a great philosopher had once said. Indeed knowledge is the most powerful tool, which helps human beings to survive in this world. It would not be wrong to say that people, who wallow in ignorance, lead a subhuman existence (though not materially) because they are automatically deprived of the joy and thrill which knowledge affords to people.

It is in tune with this spirit of seeking and gaining knowledge, that National Network of Education has incorporated an exclusive section titled Infomine. As the name suggests, it is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and information that all kinds of people, students, parents, teachers, oldsters, and youngsters will find highly useful.
Infomine contains a wealth of information about internationally renowned authors and their masterpieces, the diverse kinds of literary awards–from the Nobel to the Booker, everything has been brought under its purview. Additionally there is information about the national awards in our country including those for gallantry, notable contribution to the cause of the nation, arts, culture etc. There are also details about similar international awards.

Geographical know-how comprises a major section of Infomine. Students will get adequate information on the smallest, highest, shortest, biggest geographical features e.g.. mountains, rivers, oceans, countries, deserts, waterfalls, forests and so forth. Ample light has also been shed on the Seven Wonders of the World.
The apex world body the United Nations Organisation forms a prime section of Infomine. The section in question traces the evolution of the organisation, the various agencies, the hierarchy, the secretary-generals, list of member nations and so on…
In addition to all of the above, there is good deal of information about the reputed news agencies, scientific institutions, major towns and cities and parliaments around the world, something which, everybody especially school children will find highly useful.

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