MBA in New Zealand - Top Colleges, Courses, Eligibility and Fees

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav

MBA in New Zealand

MBA in New Zealand: The MBA is one of the most popular courses in New Zealand. International students flock to different universities in New Zealand for their MBA degree. Other than the welcoming nature of New Zealanders and an international qualification, an MBA from New Zealand is affordable, especially when compared to an MBA degree from any US or UK university.

New Zealand closed its border in 2020 to stop the spread of COVID. After almost 2 years, New Zealand is finally opening its border to international students on August 1, 2022, as announced by the prime minister of New Zealand. From August 1 onwards, the visa processing will resume for all categories, including students. However, according to the New Zealand government, only 5000 international students will be allowed back into the country.

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Why MBA in New Zealand?

Thinking about pursuing an MBA in New Zealand but unsure if this is the best option? If yes, then here are the top five reasons Why MBA in New Zealand is the best choice for you.

  1. Global Recognition: New Zealand colleges offer global degrees to their students. Global degrees mean that a degree from New Zealand will be accepted and recognized all over the world. 
  2. Top Universities: New Zealand offers one of the best universities in the world to do your studies at. According to The Ranking 2022, five universities in New Zealand are ranked among the top universities in the world. 
  3. Affordability: Doing an MBA from New Zealand is more affordable than other countries like the UK and USA. This makes New Zealand a prime location for international students.
  4. High ROI: The return on investment (ROI) on doing an MBA in New Zealand is higher than that of an MBA in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. This makes New Zealand not only an affordable country but also a profitable country for international students.
  5. Language: English is widely used in New Zealand, making it one of the best countries for international students to study in.

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MBA in New Zealand program structure

Full- time MBAStudents wanting the regular classroom program can go for a Full-time MBA.
Part-time MBAIt makes sense that many students would seek out a part-time online MBA in New Zealand given the country’s excellent educational system. Due to the convenience of online learning and the high caliber of a New Zealand education, students can advance their education even if they already hold a full-time job.
Executive MBAThe Executive MBA is for professionals and senior executives who want to do an MBA while working. Usually, executive MBA students are relatively senior with years of experience.
MBA without GMATAlmost all universities in New Zealand offer MBAs without a GMAT score. However, you need to have 2-3 years of work experience and an IELTS or TOEFL score.

MBA specialization offered in New Zealand for international students.

With the development of technology, numerous multinational corporations and industries have emerged, creating a variety of MBA streams. A student may choose a particular type of MBA program depending on the position they hope to fill in an organization after their MBA graduation.

Here are some of the MBA specializations offered by New Zealand universities.

S.NO.MBA specialization in New Zealand
   1MBA in HR Management
   2MBA in Marketing Management
   3MBA in Digital Marketing
   4MBA in Information Technology
   5MBA in travel and tourism management
   6MBA in Finance Management
   7MBA in business analyst
   8MBA in Healthcare Management
   9MBA in Media Management
  10MBA in Aviation Management

Eligibility for MBA in New Zealand


For admission to an MBA program in New Zealand, you should have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline, like BSc, BCom, or BA.

Work Experience

Most business schools in New Zealand require work experience of a minimum of three to four years.

Standard Exams:

GMAT is the accepted exam for admission to MBA programs in New Zealand. To prove your English proficiency, you need to take either IELTS or TOEFL. This score is compulsory for almost all B schools in New Zealand.

Documents Required for MBA in New Zealand

Here is the list of documents required to get admission to New Zealand colleges:

  • A passport
  • Application form with passport size photo
  • Letter of recommendation and a resume
  • College or school transcript
  • Financial documents
  • Loan documents if any
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Statement of purpose
  • college or school transcript

Top MBA colleges in New Zealand

Here is the list of top colleges in New Zealand, ranked according to the QS ranking 2022. The QS World Ranking is published every year by Quacquarelli Symonds and is one of the most widely read rankings.

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S.No.CollegesQS Ranking 2022
  1University of Auckland85
  2University of Otago194
  3Victoria University of Wellington236
  4University of Canterbury258
  5Massey University284
  6Lincoln University372
  7University of Waikato373
  8Auckland University of Technology.451

How to apply for MBA in New Zealand?

Here are the steps to apply for an MBA in New Zealand.

  1. Students need to fill in the application forms of the interested universities through their official websites and submit all the details and documents as per the instructions.
  2. Once the application form is filled out, students need to pay a registration fee.
  3. Depending upon the university, interviews would be conducted either on-call or through other electronic modes of communication.
  4. International students going for studies in New Zealand also need to apply for the student Visa. Read: Visa for Indian Students for study in New Zealand.

MBA in New Zealand - Fees

The tuition fees for an MBA in New Zealand vary with the course and university one chooses to study at. However, the average tuition fee in New Zealand is somewhere between 23.5 lakhs and 35 lakhs for a year, with higher fees for courses like medicine and veterinary science. Here are some top colleges in New Zealand with their fees:

S.No.CollegesTuition fees per year (INR)
  1University of Otago31.88 Lakhs
  2University of Waikato29.43 Lakhs
  3University of Canterbury38.42 Lakhs
  4Massey University16.65 Lakhs
  5Auckland University of Technology.28.12 Lakhs
  6Auckland Institute of Studies19.24 Lakhs

Cost of Living in New Zealand

Students who want to study MBA in New Zealand should also take into account the cost of living, which includes expenses for housing, food, and transportation. Here is a list of the average cost of living in New Zealand for international students.

Expenses TypeMonthly charge (NZD)
Homestay1500- 2000
MBA in New zealand- top colleges, eligibility courses and fees

MBA in New Zealand - scholarships

Scholarships can be a great way for students to focus on their studies without having to worry about financial burdens. New Zealand, like many other countries, offers various scholarship programs for international students. Here are some of the scholarships offered by New Zealand:

  1. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships: This scholarship, offered by the government of India, will help two students get admission to masters or Ph.D. courses at New Zealand universities. The scholarship offers full tuition fee coverage,medical and travel insurance, and a living allowance of NZD 491 (26,465 INR) per week.
  2. New Zealand Excellence Award: This scholarship provides 35 Indian students with the chance to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in New Zealand in the fields of business, fashion, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related programs. The scholarship offers NZD 10,000 for tuition fees.
  3. TOEFL Scholarship Program in India: This scholarship is a merit based scholarship that aims to help students worldwide achieve their academic goals. The scholarship offers USD 7000 and is awarded to 15 students.
  4. Coursework Master’s Scholarship: This scholarship, offered by the University of Otago, supports coursework based master students. The scholarship offers around NZD 10,000 to international students.

Free or cheapest MBA colleges in New Zealand for indian students

Studying abroad can be really expensive, but countries like New Zealand offer MBA courses at lower tuition fees as compared to other countries. Here are some of the universities with lower tuition fees:

S.No.Cheapest MBA colleges in New ZealandTuition Fees in INR per annum
  1University of Otago16.8 Lakhs
  2Victoria University of Wellington21 Lakhs
  3University of Waikato19.1 Lakhs
  4Massey University25.3 Lakhs
  5University of Canterbury26 Lakhs
  6Lincoln UniversityGlobal Management & Marketing: INR 22.9L
Accounting & Finance: INR 20.9L
  7Auckland University of Technology.21.6 Lakhs

MBA in New Zealand without GMAT

A GMAT score is usually a must when applying for an MBA in New Zealand for international students. However, there are some universities in New Zealand that offer MBA programs without a GMAT score. Let’s take a look at some universities and their requirements that are offering an MBA in New Zealand without a GMAT score:

AIS St. HelensBachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience, IELTS: 6.5, TOFEL: 79, PTE: 58
Massey UniversityUG degree with more than three years of full time work experience. IELTS: 6.5
University of CanterburyWork experience of more than 5 years with IELTS score no less than 6.5 band
University of Waikato3 years of managing experience or 10 years of working experience. IELTS score no less than 6.5.

Jobs after MBA in New Zealand

New Zealand, with an unemployment rate as low as 4.12%, offers great opportunities for international students after their MBA in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand predicts a growth of 2.6% in the GDP by 2022 and 3.8% by 2024. New Zealand universities offer a great return on investment (ROI) to MBA graduates by providing an average salary of 55,000 to 180,000 NZD per year in different levels of MBA programs. The nation offers you the chance to work in New Zealand for three years after you finish your studies. 

Here is the list of colleges with the highest average salary offered to MBA graduates.

S.No.CollegesAverage annual salary (NZD)
1Victoria University of Wellington136,000
2The University of Otago111,600
3University of Waikato84,250
4Massey University83,600
5The University of Canterbury77,200
6AUT University72,000

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MBA is one of the most popular courses in New Zealand. Also, New Zealand provides globally recognized degrees, affordable tuition fees, quality education, and a high return on investment to students after MBA completion.

No, an MBA in New Zealand is not free. However, one can apply for scholarships provided by the universities and government to get some help with the tuition fees.

The average cost of doing an MBA in New Zealand ranges between 23.5 lakhs and 35 lakhs for a year, with higher fees for courses like medicine and veterinary science. This, however, does not include the cost of living in New Zealand.

New Zealand universities offer a great return on investment (ROI) to MBA graduates by providing an average salary of 55,000 to 180,000 NZD per year in different levels of MBA programs. New Zealand offers you the chance to work in New Zealand for three years after you finish your studies.

The University of Otago is the only university in New Zealand that asks for a GMAT score for admission to any MBA program. Other top universities like the University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, and Massey University accept students without a GMAT score if they have 3 to 4 years of relevant work experience.

To get admission to MBA programs in New Zealand, students are required to have a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS and 90 for TOEFL-iBt.