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Booker Prize Winners


Booker Prize Winners

1969 P. H. Newby 
Something to Answer For
p h newby e1648102976479
1970 Bernice Rubens
The Elected Member
bernice rubens e1648103069830
1971 V. S. Naipul
In a Free State
in a free state e1648104271321
v s naipul e1648103083739
1972 John Berger
g john berger e1648104259736
john berger e1648103096154
1973 J. G. Farrell
Siege of Krishnapur
siege of krishnapur j g farrell e1648104243424
j g farrell e1648103175432
1974  Stanley Middleton
Nadine Gordimer  The Conversationalist 
the conversationalist nadine gordimer e1648104231342
 stanley middleton e1648103187576
nadine gordimer e1648103196924
1975    Ruth Prawer Jhabvala  
Heat and Dust

heat and dust ruth prawer jhabvala e1648104219101
ruth prawer jhabvala e1648103264220
1976 David Storey
david storey e1648103274720
1977  Paul Scott
Staying On
paul scott e1648103287666
1978 Iris Murdoch
The Sea, The Sea
the sea the sea iris murdoch e1648104205428
 iris murdoch e1648103299529
1979 Penelope Fitzgerald
offshore penelope fitzgerald e1648104192852
penelope fitzgerald e1648103312145
1980 William Golding
Rites of Passage
rites of passage william golding e1648104175538
william golding scaled e1648103326208
1981 Salman Rushdie
Midnight’s Children
midnight s children e1648104159648
salman rushdie e1648103336879
1982 Thomas Keneally
Schindler’s Ark
schindler s ark e1648104144374
thomas keneally e1648103358627
1983 J. M. Coetzee 
Life and Times of Michael K.
life and times of michael k e1648104125141
j m coetzee e1648103372391
1984 Anita Brookner 
Hotel Du Lac
hotel du lac anita brookner e1648104103475
anita brookner e1648103382891
1985 Keri Hulme 
Bone People
bone people keri hulme e1648104089345
keri hulme e1648104346887
1986 Kingsley Amis 
The Old Devils
the old devils e1648104077492
kingsley amis e1648103455947
1987  Penelope Lively
Moon Tiger
moon tiger e1648104066777
penelope lively e1648103482738
1988 Peter Carey
Oscar and Lucinda
oscar and lucinda peter carey e1648104053997
peter carey
1989  Kazuo Ishiguro
The Remains of the Day
the remains of the day e1648104039656
kazuo ishiguro e1648103690598
1990 A. S. Byatt 
possession a s byatt e1648104024559
a s byatt e1648103705472
1991 Ben Okri 
The Famished Road
the famished road ben okri e1648104012134
ben okri
1992   Michael Ondaatje 
The English Patient 
the english patient e1648103999860

Barry Unsworth
Sacred Hunger
sacred hunger barry e1648103983236
  michael ondaatje e1648103719298
barry unsworth e1648103732118
1993 Roddy Doyle
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
paddy clarke ha ha ha e1648103970848
roddy doyle e1648103747827
1994 James Kelman 
How Little It Was, How Late
how little it was how late james kelman e1648103945906
james kelman e1648103763367
1995 Pat Barker 
The Ghost Road
the ghost road e1648103933487
pat barker e1648103776544
1996 Graham Swift 
Last Orders
last orders graham swif e1648103922660
graham swift e1648103799352
1997 Arundhati Roy 
The God of Small Things
the god of small things e1648103906140
arundhati roy e1648103810393
1998 Ian McEwan
amsterdam ian mcEwan e1648103893308
lan mcEwan e1648103823625
1999 J.M. Coetzee 
jm coetzee disgrace e1648103878114
j m coetzee e1648103372391
2000 Margaret Atwood
The Blind Assassin
the blind assassin e1648103862520
margaret atwood e1648103835307
2001 Peter Carey
True History of the Kelly Gang
true history of the kelly gang e1648103851924
peter carey

2002 : Yann  Martrel  for his novel ,Life of Pi   

2003  :  Pierre DBC for his novel     Vernon God Little

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